Workforce safety and Green Climber. Are you putting your workforce at risk of injury? Safety is paramount when working in tough terrain.

Maintaining vegetation areas can be a dangerous job, especially by hand, putting your workers in potentially hazardous situations where serious injury can occur. The safety of your workforce should be your main concern. How can a Green Climber help with operator and workforce safety? Here’s the guide.

What's included:

Operator working Green Climber

What is a Green Climber?

The Green Climber is for anyone who’s serious about controlling large areas of vegetation in difficult environments, while maintaining workforce safety in performing the job.

The Green Climber is a highly versatile machine that reduces your risk, risk to the operator and increases the profitability of your land clearing operations.

Every year more than 20,000 people are seriously injured by mowers and other vegetation clearing equipment.

The reality is, ride-on mowers, slashers, stump grinders and trench diggers are highly dangerous. Add in unsafe terrain and the risks of injury or fatality skyrocket.

The Green Climber machines are technically known as remote control mowers. The operator walks alongside the machine at a safe distance controlling operations from up to 350 metres away. 





workforce safety in extreme terrain

The Green Climber range is ideal for:

  • Roadside verge maintenance
  • Airport mowing beside runways
  • Railway embankment clearing
  • Firebreak creation & maintenance
  • Forestry clearance operations
  • Trenching operations
  • Large scale weed spraying
  • Mine rehabilitation projects

Ride on and push mowers struggle on steep slopes, both in maintaining traction and cut quality.

With its low centre of gravity and expandable track drive system, the Green climber can tackle slopes up to 60 degrees. Operator safety is one of the most critical advantages the Green Climber holds over ride-on mowers or manually controlled machinery.

Roadside, railway or airport maintenance, stump grinding, forest and land clearing; when you face dangerous and challenging areas that need serious attention you need the toughest of the tough.

Green Climber will meet any challenge you can throw at it.

But our specialised large remote controlled mowers aren’t just unstoppable they’ll also seriously improve your levels of operator and ultimately, your workforce safety.

Our Green Climber remote controlled mowers can tackle the toughest jobs with clinical efficiency and at the same time keep operating personnel 100% safe.

Workforce safety on 60 degree slope
Why would you benefit from using a Green Climber? "As simple as it is... Operator safety. No one is in danger"

What is a Green Climber not?

Green Climber is not a set and forget robotic lawn mower; it’s a highly stable tracked mower, mulcher/ slasher that allows the operator to control it remotely from up to 350 metres away. (interested in set and forget robotic lawn mowers? We know just the place –

If you think it will put a lot of staff out of a job, it wont. It will increase productivity by getting jobs done sooner without any downtime, risk of of injury or fatigue from your operator. An operator still has to operate the machine, it is just safely and from a distance. In doing so, avoiding slips or trips if maintaining areas on slopes. A large LCD screen on the remote control provides constant updates on performance and maintenance of the machine so there is no need to be anywhere near the machine during operation, so the operator is kept safely out of any potential harms way.

Its ability to handle incredibly steep slopes takes the challenge out of previously unmanageable or highly dangerous mowing, slashing or spraying operations.

How does a Green Climber create workforce safety?

With a Green Climber, all the movements of the machine can be carried out with the remote control. This keeps the manual operation to a minimum and saves the operator boarding a ride-on machine to complete the task.

With a long range of action of up to 150m, it makes it safe for the operator to perform risky or hazardous tasks, from a distance. The operator walks alongside the machine at a safe distance, controlling all operations of the machine.

The remote control system operates all functions required to operate the machine, keeping the operator safely out of tricky or steep terrain and safely. 

Its ability to handle incredibly steep slopes, takes the challenge out of previously unmanageable or highly dangerous mowing, slashing or spraying operations.

Operator safety is one of the most critical advantages the Green Climber holds over ride-on mowers or manually controlled machinery.


Roadside mowing safety

Industry & Commercial Applications

Vegetation control on steep slopes has traditionally been one of the highest risk jobs in Australia. Green Climber enables you to streamline your safe operating procedures, reduce insurance premiums and slash operating costs. Our large remote control mowers are at home with any industrial or commercial application.

Green climber machines are the tool of choice for all challenging situations from airport maintenance teams where the use of human operators is prohibited, to rural fire service mitigation teams who need to quickly clear fire breaks or maintain fire trails.

You can deal easily with large lawns especially on steep hills with the finishing mower attachment.

The ability to deal effectively with weeds thanks to the insatiable cutting and mulching abilities, coupled with the spray attachment makes the Green Climber a powerful ally for any commercial contractor. And best of all, stump removal is a breeze. 

We do also offer ride on slope brushcutter/mowers for smaller jobs, see here:

For more slope mowing options, check our dedicated site here:

Additional attachments for versatility

A range of additional cutting heads and attachments are available to easily, efficiently, and safely carry out all the vegetation maintenance projects you thought too tough to tackle by hand, maximising the Green Climbers’ versatility and again, operator and workforce safety.

This enhanced potential will provide greater cost effectiveness and enable you to pay off the machine faster.

Optional Attachments for the LV500, LV600 Pro, & LV800 include:

  • Finishing mower – for mowing large grassed areas. It’s perfect for roadside and runway maintenance where the proximity of traffic poses real risks for the mower operator.
  • Stump grinder – for serious stump grinding. You can reposition the grinder without moving the machine.
  • Loader bucket – enables remote loading and handling material in unsafe or restricted environments.
  • Gruffalo Mulcher – fixed tooth forestry mulcher can handle saplings and cut through trees up to 200mm in diameter.
  • Fixed tooth mulcher – powerful mulcher able to chomp through trees and saplings up to 100mm in diameter.
  • Remote control trencher – deal easily and safely with those tough to get to trenching jobs. Suitable for the LV300, LV600 Pro and LV800 models.
  • Spray unit – spray wide areas and large orchards in inaccessible terrain
  • Pallet forks – move heavy loads up to 400 kg in inaccessible areas
Green Climber LV600

The Green Climber remote controlled mowers are quite simply a cut above all other types of manually operated vegetation control machinery, keeping workforce safety at the forefront.

Green Climber Pricing

The Green Climber offers real cost advantages over any comparable machine in the same class.

We don’t hire out machines but we can offer competitive finance options, and can put you in touch with contractors who run our machinery.

When safe, cost effective mowing is your priority give us a call.

We’re an approved local government procurement (LGP) provider for NSW and Local Buy Procurement partner across QLD & NT. As an approved provider, we are serious about top line cost efficiencies and exceptional safety records.

That’s why you can be sure that the Green Machine will not only keep your grass and vegetation low it’ll also trim your company’s bottom line.

We’ll be happy to provide a free, no-obligation demonstration of these amazing machines on your property.

We know you’ll be impressed.

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Where to buy?

Green Climber Australia forms part of the Australian family-owned business, Specialised Mowing Equipment (SME Mowers).

We’re based in Wagga Wagga, NSW and have established an enviable reputation for no-nonsense honesty and dependability (just like our Green Climber machines).

We have Australia wide distributorship for the Italian designed and made MDB machines (Green Climber) directly from the manufacturer.

These top quality machines deliver uncompromising levels of commercial specification components including advanced safety sensors and wireless connectivity.

You can buy the Green Climber directly from us and you’re welcome to see one of our free, no-obligation demonstrations.

These are available at your property or job site location across Australia.