Remote Control Operation and Green Climber. Everything you need to know.

What do i need to know about remote control operation and the Green Climber?

What's included:

Advantages of remote control mowing.

Roadside, railway or airport maintenance, stump grinding, forest and land clearing; when you face dangerous and challenging areas that need serious attention you need the toughest of the tough.

Green Climber will meet any challenge you can throw at it.

But our specialised large remote controlled mowers aren’t just unstoppable they’ll also seriously improve your levels of operator safety.

Every year more than 20,000 people are seriously injured by mowers and other vegetation clearing equipment.

The reality is ride-on mowers, slashers, stump grinders and trench diggers are highly dangerous. Add in unsafe terrain and the risks of injury or fatality skyrocket.

Our Green Climber remote controlled mowers can tackle the toughest jobs with clinical efficiency and at the same time keep operating personnel 100% safe.

Roadside mowing safety
Remote Control

Why is remote control maintenance machine beneficial? 

With a Green ClimberAll the movements of the machine can be carried out with the remote control.

With a long range of action of up to 150m, it makes it safe for the operator to perform risky or hazardous tasks, from a distance.

The remote control system operates all functions required to operate the machine.

The larger Green Climber machines in the range LV500 and LV600 models include additional remote control features such as:

    • Straight-line tracking – corrects track speeds for driving in a straight line on steep slopes 

    • Reverse controls for when the machine is traveling towards the operator 

    • Reverse the cooling fan when debris collects on the radiator screen 

    • Speed limiter to refine the controls for precise operation

    • Reverse direction of the flail or implement 

    • A spare battery for the remote control is stored on the machine and constantly charges during operation 

Green Climber Remote Control

What are the key operational features operated by remote control?

Widening Tracks
These make the Green Climber almost unstoppable. In extreme situations if the regular width is not enough to avoid capsizing risk, the track width can be increased by 400mm to gain stability and balance. The tracks are widened by the remote control. Widening tracks combined with a low centre of gravity mean the machine can work on slopes up to 60 degrees.
Full Hydraulic floating system​
The fully hydraulic floating system is unique to the Green Climber and eliminates mechanical stress to the implement lift system. The flail, can be set to free float up and down to follow ground contours. Alternatively, you can raise the flail to the desired cut height with the hydraulic cylinders, which still allow free upward travel and memorised height in the down position.
Pivoting Flail Cutter​
The flail cutting unit is mounted on a pivoting axle which allows the mower to follow the ground level independently to the rubber tracks
Flail Side Shift​
The unique flail side shift on the Green Climber alllows you to offset the flail 400mm in either direction. This allows for close trimming even when the tracks are expanded. This feature is also great for maintaining traction on steep slopes as the flails can be offset to the high side of the unit

Remote Mowing Applications


Steep slopes have always been a real obstacle for manually controlled heavy machinery. The Green Climber can easily handle slopes of up to 60 degrees whilst working in any direction.

Its low centre of gravity and highly stable expandable track system makes the Green Climber the perfect tool for cutting thick bush and undergrowth on steep railway and roadside embankments.

The Green Climber mowers are able to chew through vegetation up to 200 mm thick faster than any other mowers so it’s ideal for controlling hard to reach noxious weeds such as:

  • Lantana
  • Blackberry
  • Boxthorn
  • Tea Tree
  • Bamboo
  • Gorse

The additional sprayer attachment makes the Green Climber the complete weed control machine for steep slopes.

In a highly efficient operation you can cut down large swathes of out of control weeds, mulch the woody stems and then spray the regrowth for more effective and cheaper weed control—all with the one machine.

This makes the Green Climber ideal for large-scale land clearance operations such as preparation for forestry planting.

Its rock-solid slope handling abilities also make it the perfect machine for mowing dam walls and mining rehabilitation projects.

And its ability to tow trees, safely move volumes of unstable material and dig trenches where human operators and other heavy machinery can’t go make the Green Climber highly versatile and unstoppable.

We do also offer ride on slope brushcutter/mowers for smaller homeowners and smaller jobs, see here:

For more slope mowing options, check our dedicated site here:

Mowing on steep hill beside road

Green Climber machines are ideally suited for maintenance contractors and council roading teams.

Maintenance of high risk sites such as motorways, flyovers, steep bridge embankments and around inaccessible drains and culverts is simple and safe thanks to the Green Climber’s remote operation.

Operators can control the mower from a safe distance or from within their vehicles.

Passersby and observers are protected from flying debris.

And the expandable track system and lowest in class centre of gravity provides real stability on the steepest slopes.

Are the attachments operated by remote control?

All optional attachments available for the Green Climber machines are fully operated by remote control.

The Green Climber quick coupling system has been designed to guarantee the interchangeability of accessories with extreme speed; moreover it is equipped with a hydraulic multi-connection plate as standard.

Optional Attachments for the LV500, LV600 Pro, & LV800 include:

Finishing mower

The rotary finishing mower allows the LV500/LV600 Pro Green Climber Models to mow large grassed areas, replacing the need for a PTO tractor.

Using the Green Climber with the finishing mower on roadsides allows you to manoeuver around drains and culverts more efficiently than a tractor would. It’s perfect for roadside and runway maintenance where the proximity of traffic poses real risks for the mower operator.

Stump grinder

For many contractors and commercial operators, versatility equals profits.

For serious stump grinding! The side shift is an added benefit for repositioning the stump grinder without moving the machine.

Up, down, left and right movements are all controlled by the left joystick.

Loader bucket

Enables remote loading and handling material in unsafe or restricted environments.

The loader bucket is a robust attachment for the LV500 and LV600 Pro Green Climber models designed for extra versatility.

Gruffalo Mulcher

The Australian made, small fixed tooth forestry mulcher will handle saplings and cut through trees up to 200mm in diameter, and will leave a fine mulch finish. 

The mulcher frame is exceptionally strong and has a very wide opening that can be opened and closed remotely.

Forestry Mulcher

The fixed tooth forestry mulcher is a compact and powerful beast, able to cut up to 150mm trees.


Deal easily and safely with those tough to get to trenching jobs. 

Suitable for the LV300, LV600 Pro and LV800 models. 

Boom Sprayer

Spray wide areas and large orchards in inaccessible terrain. Increase the usefulness of your Green Climber with a custom sprayer and a tough poly boom attachment – for all your spraying maintenance needs

Extra productivity + versatility = Profits.
This specialty attachment is custom-built to order for any Green Climber Model and available in various volumes and sizes depending on your job requirements.
MADE IN AUSTRALIA! Completely customised to suit your Green Climber. You can even choose the colour to suit your business!

Remote Mower VS ride-on or push Mower

The Green Climber machines are technically known as remote control mowers.

The operator walks alongside the machine at a safe distance controlling operations from up to 350 metres away.

A large LCD screen provides constant updates on performance and maintenance.

Ride on and push mowers struggle on steep slopes, both in maintaining traction and cut quality.

With its low centre of gravity and expandable track drive system, the Green climber can tackle slopes up to 60 degrees.

Operator safety is one of the most critical advantages the Green Climber holds over ride-on mowers or manually controlled machinery.

Vegetation control on steep slopes has traditionally been one of the highest risk jobs in Australia. Green Climber enables you to streamline your safe operating procedures, reduce insurance premiums and slash operating costs.



Green Climber LV600

You can also add a range of attachments to the Green Climber that will maximise its versatility.

This enhanced potential will provide greater cost effectiveness and enable you to pay off the machine faster.

The Green Climber remote controlled mowers are quite simply a cut above all other types of manually operated vegetation control machinery.

You can see the advantages for yourself when you arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration at your site.

What about a battery for the remote control?

With so many functions controlled by remote control, you want to be sure your are never going to run out of battery in the remote!

Rest assured, you will never run out of battery charge while on the job. In addition to the battery within the remote control, there is an additional battery  stored onboard the machine, constantly charging during operation. All you need to do is swap it out when required.