In depth view of the LV400 Pro

If mulching and land clearing on steep or potentially hazardous areas such as roadsides is your objective, the Green Climber LV400 Pro is the machine for you. 

The Green Climber LV400 PRO combines the compact, lightweight frame of the model F300 PRO with the safety and innovation of the larger models.


The LV400 PRO has the widening tracks for greater stability on slopes, but can retract for tighter mowing areas. The result is a strong, versatile machine that is able to withstand the harshest of cutting environments.

The widening tracks on the Green Climber make it almost unstoppable.

This video was taken at a large property in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland QLD.

The LV400 powered through the thick grass and heavy brush to clear a large steep slope with ease, showing just how capable this remote control beast really is.

For when you have large vegetation clearance projects and need the power to work hard all day, the LV4000 has you covered.



Easily transportable onto any trailer or small van using remote control functionality.

Easily towed by any standard Utility vehicle.

*Subject to state towing laws and trailer brake capacity.


Attachments improve the versatility and usefulness of your Green Climber machine.

There are a range of compatible attachments available that are available for the LV400 Pro that are completely operable using the remote control system.


Having the ability to operate on slopes this steep in any direction allows the Green Climber to access previously inaccessible areas!

All features of the machine and the attachments are operable via the remote control.

LV400 Pro Remote Control

We all know that maintaining areas that are unsafe puts yourself and others lives at risk, over 20,000 people are injured by mowers each year, so if you would like to find out how the remote controlled  Green Climber can help keep your operators safe, please click HERE to book an onsite demonstration!

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