Is your workforce at risk of injury?

Maintaining vegetation areas can be a dangerous job, putting your workers in potentially hazardous situations where serious injury can occur.

Some of these situations are likely familiar to you: 


Many areas are not accessible by mowing equipment and require the use of brush cutters. Brush Cutting is not only inefficient and leaves an uneven finish, it also puts the operator at risk of injury from debris, slips or falls, back injuries, repetition strain injury (RSI) or even snake bites. 


Tractor slashing is regularly seen as the efficient way to mow large spaces and is utilised in most council areas.Tractors can become top heavy on slopes and staff will push the limits to get the job done, which contributes to roll overs and operator injury. 


Putting your operator in the driver’s seat will always pose a risk, and with most ride on mowers only capable of tackling slight slopes, areas where you can mow are very limited. Not only does it limit where you can mow, but an error in judgement by the operator could have them roll the mower and injure themselves. Most ride on mowers have a manufacturers recommendation of max.15 degrees slope mowing, and if staff are provided one of these machines on a job that exceeds 15 degrees, employers and management are ultimately responsible if the operator is injured. There have been a number of reported ride on mower injuries in Australian councils in the last year, prompting reviews into operator safety. 


Operating a reach mower near a roadway can be a dangerous traffic hazard and will require expensive traffic control when operating. You are limited as to where you can mow, and how far you can reach. Reach mowing is a very inefficient and slow method of mowing.

Green climber Operator safety


Green Climber can solve all these issues, complete the tasks more quickly and keep your operator in a safe working environment 

Designed and manufactured with the operator’s safety in mind, the Green climber ensures you can be a safe distance from the machine, in an area where there is minimal risk of injury. 

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