The rotary finishing mower allows the LV500/LV600 Pro Green Climber Models to mow grass, replacing the need for a PTO tractor.

This application is perfect for roadside maintenance where you want to protect the operator from the high risk of passing traffic.

Using the Green Climber with the finishing mower on roadsides allows you to manoeuver around drains and culverts more efficiently than a tractor would.

FINISHING MOWER - Optional Attachment
STUMP GRINDER - Optional Attachment


For many contractors and commercial operators, versatility equals profits.

The stump grinder attachment for the LV500/LV600 Pro Green Climber models will tackle any stump, anywhere.

The side shift is an added benefit for repositioning the stump grinder without moving the machine.

Up, down, left and right movements are all controlled by the left joystick.


The loader bucket is a robust attachment for the LV500 and LV600 Pro Green Climber models designed for extra versatility.

Essential for the loading and handling of materials in confined or hazardous environments, to guarantee safe and effective material handling, by letting the bucket do the work. 

Fully operated by the remote control system.

LOADER BUCKET - Optional Attachment
FORESTRY MULCHER - Optional Attachment


The Australian made, small fixed tooth forestry mulcher will handle saplings up to 100mm in diameter, and will leave a fine mulch finish. 

The rear roller holds the ground clearance. The mulcher frame is exceptionally strong and has a very wide opening that can be opened and closed remotely.

The Gruffalo Mulcher can cut up to 200mm trees,


The fixed tooth forestry mulcher is a compact and powerful beast, able to cut up to 150mm trees.

Green Climber Trencher


Available in 600mm or 1200mm lengths, the Green Climber chain trencher has the power and portability to make easy work of your trenching jobs.

Available for Green Climber models LV300, LV600 Pro and LV800