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“Whether you are digging, trenching, slashing or dozing, the Green Climber makes mowing a safe job, with no compromises on precision and speed”

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Check out this review on the Green Climber LV600 undertaken by Arbour Age

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Thanks to the extendable undercarriage tracks and low centre of gravity, the Green Climber’s unbelievable grip on the terrain allows it to tackle steep gradients with ease, resulting in a safe job executed with speed and precision.

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We love to hear how customers put the machine to the test and are sometimes surprised by the sheer power and productivity of the machine.


If your maintenance company is consistently coming across challenging areas that are requiring workers to navigate some dangerous areas, the Green Climber is your safest choice.

Safety-conscious maintenance companies and councils across Australia are investing in Green Climbers to help them tackle those challenging areas. The operator can safely operate the remote from up to 100 metres away, allowing them to clear areas beside highways and other high traffic areas without closing off lanes and disrupting traffic flow. The remote-control system operates start/stop of the engine, engine revs, forward/ reverse, steering, and all the hydraulic functions on the machine and the attachment.

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The machine is capable of keeping its operators out of harm’s way, while not worrying them about compromising on precision and speed.

The fully hydraulic system is unique to the Green Climber and eliminates mechanical stress to the implement lift system.

The tracks are extendible which makes the machine super safe when attempting steep slopes. Which it absolutely can maintain slopes up to 60 degrees in all directions.

The Green Climbers’ user friendly operating system is a key characteristic that sells these machines. The remote control start/stop button, forward/reverse function, fully hydraulic operation system, joystick steering, and a self correcting feature call to the daily user.

As a result, safety-conscious maintenance companies and councils across Australia are investing in Green Climbers to help them tackle those challenging areas. has a self-correcting steering system, that, in the event of very steep slopes can be used to correct the direction. All movements are controlled by a single joystick, allowing operators to have a free hand to use for other machine commands.

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Green Climbers are currently used on Australia’s highways and high traffic areas as their implementation does not shut down lanes, since the operator can stand at a safe distance. Having the Green Climber as part of any team guarantees efficiency and employee safety to be greatly benefited.

Whether you want to mow grass, mulch thick scrub, dig a trench or even grind tree stumps in any sort of terrain, the Green Climber is the machine capable of doing it all.

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